Aug 12 2014

Tracey Jackson



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Loss, Pain




Yesterday’s small dedication to the tragic death of the  great Robin Williams has already garnered comments.

Paul and I are both in shock.  We have been saying all day, we need to put something up. We both need to address this.  We run a recovery site, people will want to hear from us.

The truth is we have not had time to collect our thoughts.  Paul is staying at my house in Long Island for two days so we could put together our talk for the upcoming road show we are about to embark on. We have had two days to cram in a ton of details and tasks.

We heard the horrendous news last night at dinner. My fourteen year old looked at her phone and announced “Robin Williams is dead.”

Of course you believe it as CNN blasts it. But at the same time you don’t. How could it be true? Another great one taken from us far too young, devoured by depression and addiction. He was tormented in ways it is hard to understand. Yet, he was one of the funniest people to ever walk.

All day today when I think no one is looking I sneak a few peaks at his clips.

There was no one like him.

Both us has had met him on different occasions.

There are so many angles to approach this from and neither one of us has had the time to sit, reflect and write anything that would be worthy of the man, his talent, his pain, his addictions and this loss.

So, hang tight. We will be posting.  It feels awkward  and wrong to post any of the blogs that we have in draft.

I found this clip today – A routine he does on Alcoholism. At least it will make you laugh.

And feel free to chat her amongst yourselves.  We will chime in. This site is an open forum. It is your site. So any feelings you have, insights, fear, thoughts you want to share or get feedback on this is the place to do it.


God Bless.





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Tracey Jackson

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