Oct 28 2014

Tracey Jackson



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Gratitude, Trust




It’s very interesting on the road as people ask you a lot of questions. One of the things we tend to hear repeatedly is, “I can do the gratitude part, but the trust, that is harder.”

This makes sense. When we are grateful we tend to be grateful for things that are tangible: from a sunny day to a good medical report, to the lost possession found, a dogs unconditional affection, a job to go to, a family to come home to. And like we discussed a few blogs ago, those quotidian things like the water from the tap, the door that opens, the car that runs. These and thousands of other real places are where we can hang our gratitude.

But trust lives in the unknown. Trust is relying on something we don’t often have any proof of other than our trust in it.

Trust is faith that something is out there – something bigger than us. Something that knows more than we do. Trust that someone, something has our back even if we can’t identify exactly what that thing is.

Of course trust is harder. Faith/trust require that we take our consciousness and ourselves to another dimension, one that we cannot see; one where there is nothing tangible to hang our trust on other than our faith.

And most importantly, trust demands that we let go of fear.  Letting go of our fears is something we all struggle with.  Fear controls us in a variety of ways and strengths.

But we are all afraid of something. And in those moments that we are fearful we are not trusting. Fear is driving the bus and when we let that happen there is a very good chance we will make a poor choice, give into an unhealthy impulse or resort to our maladaptive behavior patterns. If anything leads us down the wrong road it is when we give into fear.

Trust is the firewall of fear. If you trust, really truly trust, it is very hard to be afraid. It’s almost impossible to be fearful and trusting in the same breath. When we trust, we are not afraid. We have faith that whatever it is it will turn out alright. We trust that though it may not be presented to us now, the universe does have the answer. That whatever we need, not necessarily want, will be revealed in time. And that takes trust. If it were all here right now – we would not need to trust. Trust is the universe testing us. The world is asking us the question, are you afraid or do you believe?

The real Catch 22 of this is the thing we are the most afraid of is the unknown. The known we deal with or we avoid, but that is another blog. For the sake of this one let’s go with we are afraid of the unknown, it’s why we stick to old habits, poor choices – you know the saying _ “Better the devil known.”   We stick with what we know, because what might happen if let it go? We don’t know and that frightens us. But we are afraid of being afraid, so fear is still ruling the day.

It’s why trust is so important. We must keep fear at bay by putting our energy into trust.   We must calm our fearful hearts by allowing ourselves the salve of belief.

It’s not easy. Nothing worth attaining is. But the first steps to keeping fear at bay is trying to live our days in gratitude and more importantly when it comes to fear – trust.




Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson is a screenwriter and blogger at traceyjacksononline.com. Her book Gratitude and Trust is now available.