Feb 4 2015

Tracey Jackson



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Acceptance, Accomplishment, Action, Change




One of the biggest things people grapple with is “How do I just be the person I want to be?”  How do I jump in and get the things I want to get. And oddly, like with most things the answer is simple – just do it or in this case just be it.

Be the change you wish to see.


People yearn for more love. Yet for many unique reasons they cannot seem to get the love they search for. So the answer is simple, be love. Don’t wait for it to appear on your doorstep or on your computer screen, just go out there and embody it through your behavior and you will find you soon embody love and once that happens if usually finds its way to you. Even if that means loving an animal, working as some of our friends here do at a zoo or dog shelter. Don’t wait for something to love you, love something that needs loving. Be a big brother or sister to a needy child.  Work at a Homeless Shelter or deliver meals to the elderly. Go love someone who really needs loving and you will find yourself awash in love.

Someone came to me the other day, they felt disconnected from people they wanted to be closer to. They ran away when they wanted to be close.  I said the only way to get passed that isolation is to connect. Be the connection you want to be.   The way we learn to connect is by connecting.

The way we learn to take responsibility is to take responsibility for our actions is by taking responsibility for our actions.

The way we stop drinking is by stopping drinking.  Stop now – analyze later.

How do you learn to not give up?  You never give up.

How do you learn discipline? You force yourself to be more disciplined. How do stop eating donuts – you stop eating donuts.

Don’t get me wrong…I think introspection is important. I think attacking and owning our shit is vital. I think being constantly aware of what we do and how it affects those around us is paramount.  But you do not need to always know why you do something in order to amend it. You need to know it’s not working and often after you alter it, you are then free and there is space for the answer to come to you.

We become the thing we want to be by being it.

You change by changing. You can ponder and change at the same time.

I was having an issue with someone I am close to last week. I was grappling and upset, and making many of the same mistakes I have made over the years. I wanted them to become more compassionate, to see my side, to reach out to me instead of withholding. And then a light bulb went off. Just be the compassion you want.   And once I am the compassion I want – I don’t really want it anymore; because I embody it.  Once I embrace compassion, I become compassionate.

By just doing it and not over thinking it and not deconstructing my personality as it will take me a long time and I might talk myself out of the very action I want to exemplify.

We are by being. We become by doing. We connect by connecting. And that is unfortunately not what society teaches us.

That is one of the the bigger problems today.  Why are more people on meds, with shrinks, feeling displaced and discontented and disconnected?  Because society embraces an individualistic, me against the world mentality over a you and me against the world mentality.

The nice thing about having Paul as a partner is I can freely borrow from his canon.

The world was happier when the family units were stronger. When communities were the center of daily lives. When if you were not a unit it was much harder to survive.

That does not mean we all live under the same roof, or in each other’s pockets. It means it’s the home base. It means one never feels alone. It means we strive for togetherness and not isolation.

It means we connect by connecting. We love by loving. We reach out by reaching out.

We keep the miracle by giving it away and it is ours forever.




Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson is a screenwriter and blogger at traceyjacksononline.com. Her book Gratitude and Trust is now available.