Apr 8 2015

Tracey Jackson



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Working It



It’s one thing to read the book, follow the site and sometimes write in and comment – but then there is putting pen to paper and making those lists… checking them twice and figuring out in black and white, if you’re being naughty or nice.

So, in order to help you do that we now have a section here on the site called Working It. No, it does not take the place of the gym! But it will help you use the affirmations, chart your progress, make notes on yourself, or others if you so desire, set goals, even write down what you are grateful for.

Let’s just say we are now making it possible for you to make your own personal Gratitude and Trust workbook.

Each week we will send out a task, a question, something to hopefully light a spark under your subconscious or just jolt you into action. Hey, we all need that!

There’s also a blank PDF template you can download and print up and use in any way you want.

It’s all part of living your life in gratitude and trust!

Click here to download the Worksheet.

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson is a screenwriter and blogger at traceyjacksononline.com. Her book Gratitude and Trust is now available.