Jan 21 2016

Tracey Jackson



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Author, actor, designer and motivational speaker Clay Rivers has recently published his third book.

It’s called Three Things I Know –  Facing and Embracing Life’s Challenges.

There is no question we all face challenges, but for most of us, if we are lucky they come and go, eb and flow. But Clay was born with several challenges that he has walks gallantly through life with.

He is a small person, forty eight inches tall. He is an African – American male, which we know in this country is not always easy to be.  And he has several other checks in the “I might not fit into your preconceived notion of what a person might be” column.

Yet, there is no one I know who handles life, its challenges, its curve balls, and its valleys better than Clay Rivers. He is a constant source of inspiration for me.  And I think anyone who reads his book will walk away with many new tools to put in their facing life’s challenges tool box.

I don’t want to spoiler alert Three Things I Know.  I will tell you he has labeled the three things, Flow with the Go. Show Your Face – Face Your Show and Get A New View.

One of Clay’s many strengths is he intrinsically understands that we have challenges we cannot walk away from, numb ourselves out of, or cloak in any number of ways. So, how do we deal?  How do we cope? How do we live rich, meaningful lives despite  what might be considered drawbacks, setbacks and challenges?  How do we turn our challenges into lessons and friends? How do we embrace our challenges and not push them to the side or under a rug?

If you ( and who isn’t) are grappling with challenging situations or conditions. I advise getting a copy of 3 Things I Know.

Many of us will be snowed in this weekend, so it’s perfect to curl up with a copy of Clay’s book and a cup of tea. Those of you who can go outside and sit on the porch or in the sun and read it with an iced tea, lucky you!   It doesn’t  matter where you read it, just pick up a copy. You will know more than 3 things after you read this – I promise.




Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson is a screenwriter and blogger at traceyjacksononline.com. Her book Gratitude and Trust is now available.