Oct 1 2015

Tracey Jackson



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Take a healthy dose of good honest mid-western values, mix it with a lot of corporate and life experience, throw in some spirituality and a big bucket of knowledge about recovery and you have the all the ingredients for an informative, readable and truly helpful book.

Doug Tieman has been the CEO of Caron Treatment Centers for 20 years.   Before Caron he spent decades working in the corporate world, so he understands addiction of all sorts, office politics, people skills, fund raising, hiring, firing, what makes a good interviewee and most importantly how to move yourself up the ladder in whatever field you choose. Doug is wise and empathetic. He writes from his heart and from his life experiences, and he puts it all in his new book Flying Over The Pigpen.

Along with all his big city CEO expertise he also has the practical point of view that comes from growing up in a small town in Missouri on a pig farm. Yes, a pig farm. Doug’s family have been pig farmers for generations. And it is that background that taught him the very basic rules about how to live life productively. It’s the lessons he learned on the farm, growing up one of six kids in a family that took their religion as seriously as they took their chores that forms the soul of this book.

Doug does something few can do, he takes the wonderful, yet sometimes difficult experiences of growing up and translates them into lessons.  He then takes those lessons and applies them to the world of business, achieving one’s goals and plain old every day life.

I don’t want to spoiler alert this as I want you all to read it, but one of the big things you learn when you grow up the way Doug did is – discipline. And what he is able to communicate is how you take that discipline and turn that into productivity.

Doug reiterates, and this applies to all self-help books, it’s one thing to read it and conceptualize it, it’s an entirely different thing to put that into action and thus results.  This is something vital if you want to succeed in anything, from getting sober to becoming a CEO.

“You can get the best advice available, but it won’t get you where you want to be if you’re not willing to do what needs to be done to be successful.”

Read Flying Over The Pigpen. Listen to Doug, apply his principles and you will be amazed at the results.

Doug has a chapter called Promise the Moon and Deliver. He does it with his work at Caron and now with Flying Over The Pigpen.

Flying Over The PigPen is available on AMAZON and Barnes and Noble.

All proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to Caron’s Scholarship Fund



Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson is a screenwriter and blogger at traceyjacksononline.com. Her book Gratitude and Trust is now available.